Ting-Sheng(Leo) Lin

Software Engineer / Producer / Game designer

Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center

Master of Entertainment Technology, 2021

Be a Playful ​Nerd. :)

2019- Now
Master of Entertainment Technology
Programmer & Game designer

Carnegie Mellon University -

Entertainment Technology Center

This program focuses on teamwork development, iteration, communication, and deepening one’s programming skills while working on interdisciplinary projects.


Software Engineer

SparkAmplify, Inc

Developed RESTful APIs and internal services to maintain the platform that provides the best-matched media information for brand customers who want press coverage, and the best-matched brands for the media customers who want stories vice versa.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

National Chiao Tung University

I obtained a strong background in computer science, including the knowledge of data structure, algorithm, and other CS concepts. 

Web App Development

I have web app developing experience in the industry for a year. Also, I have lead 2 software engineers to implement the functionality of twitter when off work. Through the link, please sign up to see our work. Don't worry. It is a demo web app and we will not collect your data. Just use the example like the one attached below to see the features.


            User: userName@example.com

            Password: 0000

Game Design

During my time at Carnegie Mellon University - Entertainment Technology Center, I have created 5 virtual worlds with different themes. Moreover, I have designed both virtual and real-life games during my time at National Chiao Tung University.


Programming Languages

JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, PHP, C++, C#, C, SQL, HTML, CSS, Java, Verilog 

Web Framework

Node.js, Express.js, Vue.js, Laravel (PHP) 

Tools & Platforms

Git, AWS, GCP, MongoDB, MySQL, Sequelize, SendGrid, Nodemon, Lodash, Bootstrap 

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Ting-Sheng(Leo) Lin

Software Engineer & Game Designer